Make Sure Your Subaru is Prepared for a Summer of Adventure at Charlie's Subaru

The temperatures are finally picking up here in Augusta and the staff members at Charlie's Subaru aren't the only drivers in the area who are cruising around with the windows down. But as the summer months begin to take over it is important to do a seasonal checkup of your Subaru model, ensuring that it is ready to run at a hotter temperature as well. Fortunately for our customers throughout Wiscasset, Portland, South Portland, Auburn and Bangor, we've compiled a simple set of steps to transition from those thicker winter tires to a sleek, clean vehicle that can soak up the sun!

  1. Check the A/C: It doesn't take long for those delightful summer days to become insufferably hot, especially if you leave your car sitting outside in the sun for a while. While most drivers haven't had to deal with a broken A/C system, those who have can attest to the inconvenience. Be sure to run it for a while as a test, but if it doesn't work our mechanics can make it an easy fix.
  2. Top of the Wiper Fluid: The winter months can result in a great use of your windshield wiper fluid, with the need to fill up often arriving at an inopportune time. That's why it's best to save yourself the trouble and top it off once it gets warm.
  3. Take a Look Under the Hood: Obviously the most important parts of your Subaru lie under the hood, such as your battery, coolant and brake fluid. These, as well as the quality of your oil, are all important to consider when preparing for the summer ahead.
  4. Wrap it Up with a Car Wash! This tip is a lot less serious, but we're certain that everyone can agree on the good feelings from a clean car!

If you need any assistance getting your Subaru up to par for these warm months, the service team at Charlie's Subaru is the resource for you. We're ready to tackle any issue you can bring our way at 466 Western Avenue, all it takes to get started is the visit to our dealership!

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