What car services will get my car ready for spring in Maine?

Spring's going strong and summer is on the horizon! It's time to tend to the lawn, clean up the house, and break out your t-shirts, shorts, and sandals--but don't forget warmer weather maintenance for your favorite Subaru! With the arrival of warmer weather, your car may need some service to fully enjoy spring and get ready for summer. Some common spring services are listed below:

Important Spring Subaru Service in Maine

  • Get rid of the grime! -- All that salt, grit, and sand is harsh on your Subaru's paint, frame, wheels, and body. The sooner you get all that winter gunk of your car, the lower the chance of rust and discoloration.
  • Service your tires. -- Make sure your tires are at the right pressure--warm air expands and can over-inflate your tires--and be sure to check your tread-depth! Bald tires are a recipe for disaster in the rain. Do you use winter tires? Time to change them out with all-season or summer tires. Your gas mileage and handling on dry roads should improve, and your tires will last longer.
  • Replace wiper blades and fluid. -- Sleet, ice, snow, salt, and grit from those winter months take a hefty toll on your wipers. Replace them once it warms up so you don't find yourself in a spring or summer rainstorm without properly working wipers. Using summer washer fluid is important too--winter blends are great for ice and snow, but they're not the best options for summer bugs and spring downpours.

Get the most out of your Subaru this season--Schedule Service for your car today. You can learn more about our services at our Service Center, and we always run Service Specials at Charlie's Subaru, your Augusta, Maine Subaru dealership serving nearby Portland ME, Auburn, Bangor, and South Portland.

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