What Tires Do I Need for Driving in Maine During Winter?


When it comes to winter driving in Augusta, ME, there's nothing that compares to snow tires. While you may hear that some get around Portland, ME, with summer or all-season tires, neither types of tires offers the safety and traction that you need to take on all types of winter weather. At Charlie's Subaru, we serve Auburn and beyond by carrying high-end winter tires to maximize your traction and confidence.

Find out why there's nothing better than snow tires for winter around Bangor.


The Benefits of Snow Tires

Snow tires are specifically designed to take on all types of winter driving. With snow-shedding tread patterns and special siping for gripping ice, snow tires can find traction in snow, sleet, and slush. Instead of getting trapped at home due to bad weather or having to pull over, winter tires can help you get where you need to go in safety.

One of the most significant differences between snow tires and all other types of tires is the composition of the rubber. Before it even freezes, other tires will lose their suppleness in cold temperatures, making for a loss of traction. Snow tires have a unique composition that allows them to retain their suppleness and traction even in below-zero weather.

The top reasons for choosing snow tires for winter around South Portland include:

  • Snow Maneuverability
  • Hydroplane Resistance
  • Better Braking
  • Superior Traction
  • Specialty Compounds

Find the Right Snow Tires for Your Subaru

At Charlie's Subaru, we have been helping drivers outfit their vehicles for winter for 33 years. With an expert parts center, you will have no trouble finding the tires that perfectly match your Subaru. Schedule an appointment today to have our Subaru-certified service team install your snow tires for you!

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