Can I Use My Tax Refund to Buy a Car?

How did you do this year? That is a question you seem to hear at every turn during this season. Tax season means different things to different people. To some, it means another year of paying back the government. To others, it means new beginnings. Finally, getting to that DIY project. Paying off some bills.

Or even, finally getting around to replacing their clunker of a car with a new Subaru from Charlie's Subaru. But wait! Can you even use your tax refund when you go to buy a new car? Trust us, Charlie's Subaru has heard this question time and again.

So, you had a good year. Uncle Sam was feeling generous with your hard-earned money. Now you can reap the benefits. Bring your tax return to Augusta as you search for your next Subaru. You can use that toward your down payment on the new or used Subaru you've had your eye on. Depending on how well you did, that money will go a long way toward bringing down your monthly payments. Or take that refund and use it FOR your monthly payments. A tax refund is a great way to buy a vehicle or reduce monthly payments. It also can be a first step in rebuilding poor credit.

How you choose to spend your tax return is entirely up to you. But if a new Subaru is what you have been craving, then this seems like a great opportunity for you. When you are ready to commit, the financing team at Charlie's Subaru can answer any questions you may have regarding the best way to utilize that return.

Feel free to contact our team with any concerns or questions that may come up. They will be more than happy to help you. Charlie's Subaru in Augusta is serving Portland and South Portland, ME drivers and want to get them behind the wheel of a great Subaru.

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