Enjoy One-of-a-Kind Protection from Charlie's Warranty

There can be a world of uncertainty. You want to make sure the car or SUV you get is going to last. You want to make sure your new vehicle is covered in several scenarios. Most of all, you want to make sure your dealership has your back when buying a new car. That is something you never have to worry about when dealing with Charlie's Subaru in Augusta and serving Auburn, ME.

Charlie's Subaru is the only dealer that offers the Charlie's Warranty. The only long-term powertrain warranty covering all new Subaru models and Pre-Owned Subaru models you will find anywhere. That is what sets Charlie's Subaru apart from other dealerships in the area.

What Does Charlie's Warranty Cover?

Basically, the warranty covers everything your Subaru may encounter. A 10-year/150,000-mile promise that protects your engine and all of its components like no other warranty.

    • All Lubricated Parts
    • Cylinder Block and Heads
    • Valve Covers
    • Timing Belt, Chain, Gears and Tensioner
    • Hybrid or Electric Drive Motor/Generator/Regeneration Motors
    • And Many More Items

    But there is more to this coverage than just your engine block and its components. Charlie's Warranty also looks out for your Drive Axle and everything associated with that system.

    • Front and Rear Wheel Drive Axle Shafts and Bearings
    • Electronic Vehicle Power Regeneration Unit
    • Seal and Gaskets
    • Four-Wheel Drive Hub Locking Assemblies and Actuator Motors
    • A dozen other items, as well.

    When you are searching for your next car or crossover, start the search at Charlie's Subaru. Charlie's covers your new or used Subaru like no other dealer in the area. Ten years is a long time to look after your car. But let's face it, it’s a Subaru, so you'll likely be driving it longer than that. But it’s a great start.

    Find a promotion or incentive you love and see if you qualify. Start driving your new Subaru from Charlie's Subaru and get covered by the Charlie's Warranty.

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