The last year and a half have led to many changes across the world. Many industries near Augusta, like the automotive industry, have been forced to change how they operate. Around Maine, drivers now can see a shift to online car shopping. While online car shopping is not new, it has become the norm for many shoppers during the pandemic, and it will continue to be a prominent means of shopping.

The Move to Online Shopping

As mentioned above, online shopping is not a new concept. Before the last few years, it was not a prominent means for finding a car, SUV, or truck from an Auburn dealership. As customers needed to stay home, dealerships needed to adapt and focus on online shopping for their customers. This has led to new, modern ways of car shopping, making it easier than ever for anyone to browse vehicles. At Charlie's Subaru, we strive to keep making the process simpler for new and returning customers.

Our Online Shopping Tools

So what kind of online shopping tools do we have at our dealership near Bangor? For one, we offer an online showroom. This showroom allows customers to view our new popular Subaru models and learn more about them from the comfort of their homes. If you are searching for a specific vehicle, then you can utilize our CarFinder tool. This online tool allows you to search for a used vehicle by narrowing down the results by mileage, year, make, model, and more. Plus, customers can find vehicle specials, finance tools, warranty information, and even service and maintenance information online. In fact, browsing our array of online tools can be overwhelming. If you at any time need clarification, please be sure to talk to us. We are more than happy to clarify any confusion.

Ordering Cars in Advance

One way to enhance your car shopping is to order the car of your dreams online in advance. Ordering a car online is a seamless experience at Charlie's Subaru, serving Portland. If you are looking at ordering a vehicle that has yet to release, you can reserve a model online. Or, similarly, if you are looking to order a pre-owned vehicle, you can do so. Look for the Buy Online button found on any new or used inventory page.

Customize Your Subaru

If you have an eye on customizing a Subaru, you can also do that online. Once you navigate to our Order Your Subaru page, you can fill out our form with your preferred model, trim, options, and more. Once you finish the form, you can submit it, and we will contact you for further details.

Home Delivery

Regardless of whether you choose to order a base vehicle or have a vehicle customized, you can have it delivered to your home near South Portland, ME. Home delivery is something not every dealership can do, and we are proud to offer it to our customers. After you pick out a vehicle, get in touch with us to learn how we can deliver it directly to your home.

Start the Online Buying Process Today

Online car buying is quickly turning into the new normal. As online shopping is already prominent, it only makes sense that car dealerships would follow. At Charlie's Subaru, we take pride in creating a multifaceted and seamless online car shopping experience. If you ever have questions about our inventory or online tools, make sure to contact us. Just as our online tools can help you, so can we.