Subaru and the Environment

Subaru of America is committed to being a leader in environmental initiatives while continuing to reduce our own footprint. Being green isn't a trend. It's who we are and what we stand for.

Green: Good For All

Subaru of America understands that it has a great responsibility to the environment. We know that clean vehicles are just one part of it. Learn what we're doing to keep the world clean and beautiful.

The Subaru Product

From the way we design and engineer our products, to how we build them, to the dealers and partners with whom we align our brand with, we are focused on helping protect the world we live in.

The Subaru Manufacturing Process

We try not to waste a thing. Even waste. That's why we build each one of our models with the highest standards of manufacturing and continue to find innovative means of building responsible vehicles using an environmentally-friendly plant process.

Dedication At Its Finest

Both Subaru of America corporate headquarters and Subaru dealers go to great lengths to help build a cleaner, greener world. It's love that makes a difference.